Product & Pricing Guides

  • 45x5-header
    Low Pressure Sensors
  • me651-header
    Ceramic Pressure Sensors
  • me780-header
    Transducer Design
  • ZSSC3122-header
    Sensor Signal Conditioning
  • ms5803
    Barometric Sensors
  • HTG3500-001
    Humidity & Temperature Sensors
  • led-lights
    LED Driver IC's
  • zspm401x-header
    Power Management

Latest Newsletter

Our November newsletter announces the AP3/AG3 and AP4/AG4 pressure sensors from Fujikura, a new thermal mass flow sensor die, 5 new humidity sensors, a summary of new micropumps we are offering, and a new DC-DC converter IC.

September news included the AP2/AG2 pressure sensors, media compatible pressure sensors, new sensor signal conditioning IC's, vacuum/air pumps, and a new flyback LED driver.

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Read our November Newsletter! Pressure sensors, humidity sensors, LED drivers, micropumps, thermal flow sensors.