Mass Flow Sensors

Servoflo is expanding its offering of mass flow sensors that are high-performance and economical to OEM customers. These sensors are high performing and better cost than alternative suppliers. 

Siargo Mass Flow Sensors

Siargo offers a wide range of off-shelf mass flow sensors to serve today's increasing demands of flow measurement, monitoring and control in energy, medical, food & beverage, machinery, environmental and many other industries.

Posifa Flow & Vacuum Sensors

Our new line of mass flow sensors from Posifa MIcroSystems offer innovative and low cost solutions based on thermal flow measurement. We are also offering a vacuum sensor also based on thermal conductivity.

SiFlo Mass Flow Sensors

MEMs thermal flow die measures the flow across a sensing surface in these mass flow sensors from SiFlo.

Mass Flow Meters

Mass flow meters from Siargo are packaged mass flow sensors with an integrated display.

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