There are evaluation kits and accessories available for purchase for the MP6 line of micropumps.

Here is a summary:

Packaged Micropump Evaluation Kits

  • mp6 GO-slide
  • mp6 basic slide
  • mp6 pro slide

MP6-Go! For tabletop testing, includes 3 mp6 micropumps, 1 mp-x controller with connection cable, 1 meter tubing

MP6-Basic For tabletop testing, includes 3 mp6 micropumps, 1 mp6-EVA evaluation board, 1 meter tubing

MP6-Pro For evaluation directly on your circuit board, includes 5 mp6 micropumps, 5 MP6-OEM Controllers, 1 MP6-MOL (10 connectors), 1 meter MP-T tubing

MP6-PP-Go! Same as MP6-Go! but has 3 mp6-pp micropumps instead of standard mp-6

see descriptions below of components described in these kits


  • mp6-x-slide
  • mp6-OEM-slide
  • mp6-eva-slide

MP-X Controller Access to the full range of driving parameters - complete system for your test laboratory.

MP6-OEM The controller drives the MP6 at adjustable performance in a packages similar to an integrated circuit. It enables the integration of a small pump driver into customized system electronics or on a PCB.

MP6-EVA Evaluation board enables the simple use of the MP6-OEM controller. A preset standard parameter (235 Vpp, 100 Hz), the MP6-EVA also allows adjustment of the pump parameters, partly by external tuning. As the supply voltage of the module can be provided via USB, simply attach a USB power supply and start evaluating. Alternatively, it can also be supplied by a 2.5 - 5V voltage source.


  • mp6-CON-slide
  • molex-slide
  • mp-cv-slide
  • mp-t-slide
  • mp-y-slide

MP6-CON Connection cable with connector to connect MP6 to MP-X

MP6-MOL Connector to MP6 for custom-made cabling, Molex FCC 39532045

MP6-CV This passive check valve eliminates the back flow of the pumping medium, when the micropump is switched off. It can be connected via tubing.

MP-T Inlet/outlet compatible tubing - 2 options available: 1.3 mm ID or 1.02 mm ID

MP-Y Y connector for tubing, for the parellel use of 2 micropumps


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