Metallux Ceramic Pressure Transducers

Monolithic Ceramic Pressure Transducers

The low cost version of the sensors in the range of 2...400 bar is available in a monolithic design with the ME651. The ME657 is a very small (diameter 12.85 mm, thickness 5.0 mm) monolithic type. It is also available in a packaged version, specially designed to be used in diving equipment (350 bar).

Flush Mount Ceramic & Ceramic Capacitive Pressure Transducers

The thick film technology not only offers proven long term stability and high quality, but also favorable prices. The transducers ME501/ME505 are available in standard version for pressure range 1...50 bar and >100...400 bar either as absolute pressure or relative pressure transducers (sealed gage is available also). A low pressure version in the range of 0.3 to 1 bar is available with the ME509 series.

Pre-amplified Ceramic Pressure Transducers

These sensors have a pre-amplified ratiometric voltage output.

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