Signal Conditioning ICs

Analog and mixed-signal ICs from Analog Microelectronics and ZMDI.


Analog ICs from Analog Microlectronics

Analog ICs from Analog Microlectronics The guiding strategy of Analog Microelectronics ( is to develop and produce analog and analog/digital interfaces for transmission of a wide range of sensor signals. Analog Microelectronics also offers the development of custom specific solutions for pressure and position sensor systems using microstructure technology (MEMS), ASICs and thickfilm techniques. Sensor interface ICs can be designed as analog or analog/digital ASICs.

Digital and Mixed-Signal ICs from ZMD

Sensor Signal Conditioning from ZMDIZMDI is a fast growing, high performance, mixed signal ASIC company with over 50 years of experience. ZMDI specializes in mixed signal conditioning IC's for sensors as well as LED drivers.

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