ZSSC1856 Intelligent Battery Sensor IC

zssc1856-circuitZSSC1856 is a dual-channel ADC with an embedded microcontroller for battery sensing/management in automotive, industrial and medical systems. One of the two input channels measures the battery current IBAT via the voltage drop at the external shunt resistor. The second channel measures the barrery voltage VBAT and the temperature. An integrated flash memory is provided for customer-specific software (e.g. dedicated algorithms for calculating the battery state). During Sleep Mode (e.g. engine off), the system makes periodic measurements to monitor the discharge of the battery. Measurement cycles are controlled by the software and include various wake-up conditions. The ZSSC1856 is optimized for ultra-low power consumption and draws only 100 µA or less in this mode.


  • High precision 18-bit sigma-delta ADC with on-chip voltage reference (5ppm/K0
  • Current channel
  • Voltage channel
  • Temperature channel
  • On-chip precision oscillator (1%)
  • On-chip low power oscillator ARM® Cortex™-M0 microcontroller: 32-bit core, 10 MHz to 20 MHz
  • 96kB Flash/EE memory with ECC, 8kB SRAM
  • LIN2.1/SAE J2602-1 Transceiver
  • Directly connected to 12V battery supply
  • Normal mode current consumption: 10 mA to 20 mA
  • Low Power Mode: less than 100µA
  • Wide supply voltage of 4.2 to 18V



  • Integrated, precision measurement solution for accurate prediction of battery state of health (SOH), state of charge (SOC) or state of function (SOF)
  • Flexible wake-up mode allows minimum power consumption without sacrificing performance
  • No temperature calibration or external trimming components required
  • Optimized code density through small instruction set architecture Thumb®-2
  • Robust POR concept for harsh automotive environments (operating temp of -40°C to +125°C)
  • Industry's smallest footprint allows minimal module size and cost, PQFN32 5X5 mm
  • AEC-Q100 qualified solution


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