Automotive ApplicationsPressure Sensors, Mass Flow Sensors & Oxygen Sensors

Applications include Tire Pressure Measurement, Cabin Environment, Car Seat Comfort Systems & Leak Testing.

Automotive Sensors

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Our Experience

Our vast experience gives us a deep understanding of the best sensors for various automotive applications. Servoflo has a wide range of sensors for these applications, including sensors ranging from uncalibrated and compensated outputs to fully calibrated and packaged options for harsh applications. 

AL4 Series Gauge or Differential Pressure Sensor Digital Output 1% FS AccuracyMVH3200D High Performance Digital Humidity SensorHTC52 Series Pressure Sensor Has Wide Range of Options


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Tire Pressure Measurement

Our applications for tire pressure measurement are typically handheld instruments for testing tire pressure or pressure sensors embedded into the valve stem. Take a look to see some of our offerings!

Tire Pressure Sensors

Car Seat Comfort

Over the years, car seat system have become more sophisticated with the advent of new sensors. Applications include lumbar support systems or detection of an occupant to determine if seat belt alarms should turned on.


Leak Testing

Leak testing in automotive evaporation emission systems is an important part of meeting environmental standards. Our pressure sensors are installed in this test equipment to provide maximum performance in this growing market.


Cabin Environment

Sophisticated testing now occurs when cabin environments are designed. Sensors used to evaluated cabin environments include pressure, temperature, and humidity to evaluate performance and passenger comfort.