Programs and Services

Please read this special announcement about the discontinuation of Servoflo's distribution business

We think you will find working with Servoflo and the factories we represent a unique experience. Here's why:

  • We only offer those products and services which provide our customers BOTH high value (price/performance) and reliability
  • Data sheets, printed or electronic, tell just the beginning of the story of the potential in all of our products. Each and every company whose product we distribute must share our commitment to product excellence and responsive customer service. Without hesitation, we can assure you that each of our factories subscribes to these ideals.

Among the product lines we carry, you should look for the following features and benefits:


  • A large choice of standard products spanning the price versus performance spectrum giving you ultimate design flexibility

Helpful technical support

  • Carefully designed, detailed product data sheets and application information
  • Expert product matching with your application
  • The ability to discuss product modifications in the rare circumstance a standard specification does not meet your exact requirement.

Honest Pricing and Product Reliability

  • Pricing reflects both quality and performance. At Servoflo, prices generally indicate the looseness or tightness of specification tolerances and/or the numbers of features included in a product.
  • Obviously, our customers understand that there is a difference between functionality and quality. How reliably and consistently products function to published specifications depends on how much quality is built into the those products. We guarantee that our lower priced, wider-tolerance or more basic products meet the same demanding, inflexible quality expectations as our higher cost, tighter-tolerance or higher value-added products - without exception.

What makes us special

  • We always make it easy and simple for engineering and purchasing professionals to work with us.
  • We already have guaranteed that our products will always do what their specifications claim. Here, we guarantee that we also will do what we promise to do. Products and services go together.

Here's what you can expect from us

  • Responsiveness: Our sense of urgency about customer assistance is among our greatest corporate assets.
  • Readable and helpful product literature: Our way of making your job easy
  • Accessible and knowledgeable sales people: We will never direct you to a data sheet or catalog page and consider our job complete. We will spend whatever time is required to review, select and discuss the products that best fit your application.
  • Easy sampling: Some are free, some are heavily discounted: All are easy to get! And we always follow-up with you to make sure you are satisfied and you have no unanswered questions.
  • Advanced Technical Assistance: If we cannot answer a question, we will not make one up! We'll call the application engineers from our factories to give you the best advise on using our products.
  • Inventory Availability / Minimized Lead Times: If we don't have it, we'll get it for you as soon as possible.
  • Competitive Pricing: This is no clich√©. We want your business! Once we know that you're satisfied technically, our pricing will encourage you further to buy from Servoflo. Blanket purchase order plans assures inventory availability when you need it: Just-in-time or any time. Honesty, integrity reliability and credibility: If we say it, we mean it!
  • Never take an opportunity to work with a new or existing customer for granted - treat every application with thoroughness and urgency

Taking the customers seriously

No slogans or catchy phrases can take the place of hard work and commitment to our customers. We treat every customer, regardless of volume, with respect and courtesy. You will also find that we, at Servoflo, have an intimate understanding of the product design and materials planning processes including:

  • Price/Performance trade-off analysis
  • Designing for manufacturability
  • Manufacturing / purchasing / material requirement strategies
  • Never misrepresent the capability of any product we carry

We have the utmost respect for our customers' time and skill. You can be sure you are dealing with honest, direct and customer-oriented sales and engineering professionals.