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Humidity Sensing Elements

  • KFS-140-D Humidity Element

    The KFS 140-D is a capacitive humidity sensor with a wide range of applications, low hysteresis and linear characteristics. The high performance polymer used in the sensor is resistant against dew formation and many chemical effects while also guaranteeing outstanding long-term stability.
  • KFS-140-MSMD Humidity Element

    The KFS140-MSMD is both highly reliable using a resistive humidity sensor and low cost due to its surface mount package. This humidity sensor offers a better signal-to-noise ratio than monolithic integrated sensors and are also characterized by excellent long term stability in continuous operation under rough conditions.
  • P14-FemptoCap Capacitive Humidity Sensor

    F14 FemptoCap Capacitive Humidity Sensor ideal for white goods, automotive, and mobile applications. Excellent price-performance. Extremely small size of 2 X 4 mm.
  • P14 Thermo Capacitive Humidity & Temperature Sensor

    F14 Thermo Capacitive Humidity & Temperature Sensor measures both humidity and temperature. One chip solution with excellent chemical resistance. Surface mount or wired versions available.

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