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Servoflo offers micropumps from 2 different companies. The mp6 by Bartels is an ultra low piezoelectric diaphragm pump for 0-7 ml/min for liquids and 0-18 ml/min for air. Micropumps from TCS are for flows for 0-400 ml/min and higher.

Our micropump product & pricing guide gives a quick 5 minute overview and includes basic pricing for both TCS and the Bartels mp6 pump.



TCS Micropumps

These micropumps focus on ranges from 0-400 ml/min and higher. The pumps from TCS are small, rugged, and resistant to many chemicals and solvents. Submersible versions are available for many models.

  • mp6 Piezoelectric Diaphragm Micropump

    Micropumps transport the tiniest amount of gases or liquids in a wide variety of applications, including medical equipment, fuel cells, mobile applications, and much more. Learn more about this revolutionary product!