mp6 Piezoelectric Diaphragm Micropump


Low Flow Micropumps, 0-10 ml/min for liquids and 0-25 ml/min of gas

Piezoelectric diaphragm micropumps made by Bartels Mikrotechnik transport the tiniest amount of gases or liquids in a wide variety of applications including medical drug delivery, fuel cells, mobile applications, consumer, cell culturing and much more.

The functional principle is based on a piezoelectric diaphragm in combination with passive check valves. A piezo ceramic mounted on a coated brass membrane is deformed when voltage is applied. By the resulting down stroke, the medium is being displaced out of the pump chamber below. The check valves on both sides of the pump chamber define the flow direction. When the voltage decreases, the piezo's corresponding deformation causes an upstroke of the membrane. The medium is sucked in and the chamber is filled again. In every second, the pump can do several hundred pumping cycles. The pumping performance can be influenced by adjustment of the parameters. For air & gas applications, the mp6-gas is available.


This radically simple pump design allows for easy adaptation to specific flow rates or back pressure. Various types of test equipment are available for purchase to assist you in designing in your micropump.

Cost-effective, reliable with long life, and easy to use, these micropumps can transform your product. Take a look at the many application notes listed below to learn more. 

January 2019 - Please note updated part numbering!

mp6-hyb (old name mp6)  for liquids 
mp6-gas (old name mp6-air) for air/gases. High-pressure version (mp6-air+) also available 
mp6-pi  polyimide foil (PI) for chemical exposure
mp6-pp  polypropylene material for harsh chemical exposure

Key Features

  • 30 x 15 x 3.8 mm
  • Standard Molex flex connector
  • Self-priming
  • Accepts liquids, gases and mixtures
  • Evaluation kits available