D200 Series Miniature Pump for Air or Liquid

The D200 Series pumps are constructed from glass-filled nylon or aluminum alloy 6000 (anondized) with stainless steel tubing connectors. It is fitted with Nitrile + Silicone diaphragm as standard but also has alternative wetted part options. Materials are available enabling this pump range to resist most chemicals and solvents. The pump uses efficient push-fit connectors designed for 2.4 mm bore flexible tubing.

The completely sealed, oil-free pumping chamber makes them particularly suitable for applications where contaminants cannot be tolerated.

Typical applications include medical devices, analysis, gas detection, fuel cells, battery-operated systems, and more. 

0-490 ml/min free flow Key Features

  • Maximum pressure of 655 mbar (9.5 psi)
  • Self-priming
  • Voltage range of 1.5-6 V
  • Power usage 0.038 W to 0.18 W
  • Vacuum max 8.1 psi @ 4.5 V
  • Small size of 40 X 25 X 17 mm
  • Weight 32g
  • Wide range of chemical resistance

Now available, are the new D260BLX-V and the D260S-V. The BLX has a brushless motor while the "S" version has the standard motor. Both are designed to pump air. Excellent chemical resistance.