M410 Series 0-2600 ml/min for Liquids

The M410 Series range of pumps are driven by a brushless drive motor with built-in electronic controller. Constructed from precision CNC machined aluminum alloy with stainless steel tubing connectors and fitted with Viton seals as standard.

Alternative seal materials and optional wetted part coatings and materials are also available enabling this pump range to resist most chemicals and solvents. The pump uses efficient push fit connectors designed for 6.0 mm ("S" variants) or 3.2 mm flexible tubing ("K" variants). Fitted with a JST power connector and supplied with a 200 mm electrical fly lead is fitted as standard.  Pumps liquids between 0-2600 ml/min.

The previous version of this series, the M400, is still available for previous customers and for customers with large format printers (see technical data sheets below) but we recommend the M410 for all new customers.

m410 collage

Key Features

  • 0-2600 ml/min free flow
  • Maximum pressure of 380 mbar (with 12V supply)
  • Voltage range of 6.0 - 12 Volts
  • Small size of 41 X 26 X 26 mm
  • Weight 41g
  • Wide range of chemical resistance