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Ceramic Pressure Sensors From Servoflo

Models include piezo-resistive, ceramic capacitive, monolithic, flush-mount, compensated, unamplified and more

flush mount ceramic pressure sensor

A user reviewing ceramic pressure sensors may want some help understanding the various options.

Piezo-Resistive Versus Capacitive

  • Capacitive sensors are used when the pressure sensors must withstand high overpressures while both capacitive and piezo-resistive have similar chemical resistance and media compatibility.

Flush Mount Versus Monolithic

monolithic ceramic pressure sensor

  • In a flush mount sensor, the sensor side exposed to the pressure media is flat and smooth (see picture)
  • A monolithic sensor has an indentation in the center of the exposed side (see picture)
  • Amplified or unamplified outputs gives users flexibility in product choice

Servoflo has in depth experience in helping customers integrate ceramic sensors into their designs. Here are some examples:

  • Utilizing a ceramic sensor to develop an oil level sensor in an automotive application
  • Level sensing applications such as reservoir water level management, wastewater controls and chemical processing 
  • Hydraulic & emissions controls for other types of transportation equipment
  • Food & beverage applications to monitor ingredient flow 
  • Industrial transducer development for use in the gas & oil industries as well as heavy manufacturing
  • HVAC pressure transducers to measure refrigerant levels
  • Semiconductor applications to measure process flows

Need help deciding which ceramic pressure sensor you need?

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