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SM3041 Differential Pressure Sensor With Digital Output

The SM3041 Series is a pressure sensor family offering state-of-the-art pressure transducer technology and CMOS mixed signal processing to produce a digital, fully signal-conditioned, multi-order pressure and temperature-compensated sensor in JEDEC standard SOIC-16 package with a dual vertical porting option. It is available as a differential pressure sensor. 

The pressure sensor can be mounted directly on a standard printed circuit board and a high level, calibrated pressure signal can be acquired from the digital interface. This eliminates the need for additional circuitry, such as a compensation network or a microcontroller containing a custom correction algorithm.


  • Fully digital, pressure calibrated and temperature-compensated output
  • I2C digital interface
  • Compensated temperature range of -20°C up to 85°C
  • Better than 1% initial accuracy and less than 1% accuracy shift over life
  • Differential pressure configuration 
  • Insensitive to mounting orientation
  • Robust JEDEC SOIC-16 package
  • Pressure ranges from -15 to 15 psi


  • Medical - ventilators, oxygenators, fluid evacuation,  negative wound therapy
  • Gas flow instrumentation
  • Pneumatic gages
  • Pressure switches
  • Sports equipment
  • Appliances


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