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MEAS Sensors from TE Connectivity

Board level pressure sensors for gauge, differential, absolute (great for barometric and altimeter applications).

Calibrated Digital Pressure Sensor Modules

These devices contain a pressure sensor and an interface IC with digital output. The devices are electrically trimmed at factory and optimized to interface to Low Power battery supplied microcontrollers. Highest accuracy of < 0.5% is achieved with a current consumption of just a few microamperes. Typical applications are high resolution watch altimeters, barometers, navigation instruments, etc...

Various pressure ranges from 100 mbar (10 KPa) up to 14 bars (1400 KPa) are offered.

SMD Uncompensated Pressure Transducers (Pb-free & RoHS-compatible)

SMD Uncompensated Pressure Transducers (Pb-free & RoHS-compatible)

Surface mounted device (SMD) devices are pressure sensors mounted and bonded on a ceramic substrate. These small size devices can then easily be mounted on a standard printed board. Uncompensated SMD sensors require external amplification and temperature compensation. The output signal in the range of 90 to 240 mV with a linearity of 0.05% to 0.5% is depending on the type.

Compensated Pressure Transducers

calibration pressure sensorsMeasurement Specialities offers precise, cost-effective calibrated and compensation board level pressure sensors. Ideal for high performing applications.

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