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Metallux Ceramic Pressure Transducers

Ceramic pressure sensors by Metallux of Switzerland are high quality, high performing sensors for harsh environments and/or higher pressures (models up to 800 bar). Various models include monolithic & flush-mount with compensated and uncompensated versions in each category. 

Monolithic Ceramic Pressure Transducers

Monolithic ceramic pressure sensors are piezoresistive gauge. Signal conditioned models include the ME75X Series (electronics on PCB) and the new ME790 (chip on ceramic).  The ME651 and ME657 are a measuring cell but include temperature compensation.

Flush Mount Ceramic & Ceramic Capacitive Pressure Transducers

The thick film technology not only offers proven long term stability and high quality, but also favorable prices. The transducers ME501/ME505 are available in standard version for pressure range 1...50 bar and >100...400 bar either as absolute pressure or relative pressure transducers (sealed gage is available also). A low pressure version in the range of 0.3 to 1 bar is available with the ME509 series.

Pre-amplified Ceramic Pressure Transducers

These sensors have a pre-amplified ratiometric voltage output.