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SM1XXX Digital & Analog Pressure Sensor for 15 psi - Differential or Gauge

The SM1XXX Series is a digital/analog pressure sensor for 15 psi with a digital, fully-conditioned in a SOIC-16 package with either dual vertical or horizontal ports. It is available in both compound gauge, differential pressure or asymmetric configurations. With the dual porting, a vacuum gauge measurement is possible to minimize altitude errors due to changes in ambient pressure. Customer-specific pressure ranges and supply voltages are available. Shipped in sticks or tape & reel.


  • 15 psi gauge, differential or asymmetric output.
  • I2C digital interface for SM1X21 Series
  • Analog and I2C interface for SM1X91 Series
  • Compensated temperature range 20°C to +85°C
  • SM1X21 is gauge (0-15 psi)
  • SM1X21 is differential (-15 to +15 psi)
  • SM1X21 is asymmetric version
  • Insensitive to mounting orientation


  • Medical - negative pressure wound therapy, health monitoring, ventilators, CPAP
  • Gas flow instrumentation
  • Pneumatic gages
  • Safety cabinets
  • Sports equipment