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HVAC Pressure & Humidity Sensors

HVAC pressure sensors allow technicians to easily monitor and adjust conditions to ensure the safety and comfort of the building's inhabitants.  Servoflo also offers relative humidity sensors that protect the health and comfort of your facilities. With a humidity sensor, engineers can protect climate-sensitive processes and prevent the buildup of mold and other invasive growths within the HVAC ductwork.

We offer various models to fit the needs of nearly any project. Our product lines include board level pressure sensors and humidity sensors for integration into a control system. We also offer fully packaged pressure sensors for direct installation into ductwork and walls or for creating portable test instrumentation. Lastly, ceramic pressure sensors are available for harsh and liquid environments. Typical applications include:

• VAV (variable air volume) control
• Static duct pressure
• Detection of clogged HVAC filters
• Indoor air quality monitoring

Pressure sensors are an essential component of a fully functional HVAC system. Choose a specific HVAC area below to see a list of sensors from Servoflo that may be appropriate for your application. For the fastest response, choose the sensor selector tool.