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Pressure Sensors & Mass Flow Sensors For Medical Applications

Servoflo offers a wide variety of pressure sensors & mass flow sensors designed for various medical applications. Our vast experience in the applications below allows us to serve the medical market with the most complete offering of pressure sensors. We have worked with the largest medical equipment manufacturers in helping them select the most appropriate sensor for their application. We can also work with our customers in creating a custom solution to meet specific application requirements.

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Pressure Sensors For Respirator and Breath Detection Equipment

Our pressure sensors and mass flow sensors for respirators and breath detection equipment generally monitor low-pressure conditions. They come in a variety of gauge or differential models, digital or analog outputs and a variety of supply voltages.

Pressure Sensors & Oxygen Sensors for O2 Concentrators & Conservers

Oxygen concentrators take in air, filter out impurities and other gases, and delivery pure oxygen to patients who require oxygen therapy. Due to their critical function, these machines require highly accurate and consistent pressure sensors that can ensure precise and accurate control over treatment. There are two applications for pressure sensors. The first is breath detection, similar to the respirator application described above. The second is to monitor the pressure in the oxygen line, which typically runs between 30-40 psi. 

We also offer oxygen sensors that monitor the oxygen percentages delivered to the patient.

Pressure Sensors For Deep Vein Thrombosis

Deep vein thrombosis, also referred to as DVT, occurs when a blood clot develops in a vein located deep within the body. Pneumatic compression devices can prevent DVT or facilitate treatment by promoting circulation and lymphatic drainage. Typical pressures run about 5 psi.

Infusion Pumps

Medical professionals use infusion pumps to deliver vital fluids, such as nutrients, medication, or saline to a patient's body. These machines need accurate pressure sensors to maintain a controlled flow. The pressure sensors are used to monitor the pump's backpressure to ensure that the pump is working correctly.

Inflatable Mattresses

Medical inflatable mattresses have more specialized functions than traditional inflatable mattresses. They enhance circulation to prevent soreness or decreased blood flow while providing support and comfort. Patients use medical inflatable mattresses during extended periods of bed rest to reduce the risk of skin shearing and pressure sores. Different varieties of these mattresses need pressure sensors, typically 3 psi and below, to prevent air loss or replenish lost air.

Blood Pressure Measurement

Blood pressure measurement is one of the main applications of medical pressure sensors. The sensors allow for non-invasive measurement of blood pressure, providing insight into a patient's condition during routine appointments, extended hospital stays, and medical treatments. The pressure sensors are used in electronic blood pressure equipment (not the traditional mechanical units used in a doctor's office).

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