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ASI2100 iQuartz monolithic pressure sensor
Pressure Medium: Air/Gas, Harsh & Liquid Environments
Sensor Type: Gauge
Supply Voltage: 5V
Output Signal: Millivolt
Pressure Range: 3-300 psi, 300 psi & up
Kind: Packaged Transducer

The ASI2100 is a monolithic OEM media-isolated pressure sensor for 0-50 psi up to 0-40,000 psi. Accuracy is less than ±0.3% FSO typical, ±0.1% available. 

Available in different materials with output up to 10 mv/V and bridge resistance can be as low as 350 Ohm. Supply voltage is 5-15 VC. Various connection choices available.


  • Various pressure ranges from 0-50 psi up to 40,000 psi
  • Gauge pressure measurement
  • Output choices of 2,3,5, or 10 mV
  • Accuracy of ±3%FS typical, optional ±0.1%FS
  • Wide operating range of -35°C to 135°C
  • Wetted material choices of 17-4PH, 316L SST, Hastelloy C276, Inconel 718, Monel K500

Typical Uses

  • Commercial & defense satellites
  • Launch vehicles
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles
  • Military & civilian aircraft
  • Ground support and engine test stands.