Compression Sensors

Compression Sensors

We now offer compression sensors for a variety of applications including medical devices, exercise equipment, industrial applications and more. These sensors can measure the force or load of an item.

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FX1901 Compression Load Cell - Force Sensor

The FX1901 Compression Load Cell units are intended for OEM use in laboratory, hospital or consumer product applications, establishing a breakthrough price/performance value for compression load cells. The FX1901 is a 1% load cell device with full scale ranges of 10, 25, 50 or 100 and 200 lbf compression. This new, low-cost technology enables force sensing in a whole new class of "smart" consumer and medical products.

FX29 Compression Load Cell - Force Sensor

The FX29 is a compact compression load cell that offers exceptional price-to-performance in a robust sensor package. Optimized for embedded force sensing applications from disposable medical devices to durable appliances and exercise equipment. The FX29 offers design flexibility with mV, amplified voltage or digital output options.