Humidity Modules

DigiPicco I2C Capacitive Humidity Module

The DigiPicco provides high precision measurement of humidity with discrete sensors (which have high stability due to the wide active sensor area) combined with a calibrated and linearized output signal and fully digital output of both humidity and temperature. 


  • Excellent response time
  • Calibration free
  • Ready to use
  • Very low drift due to wide sensor area
  • Calibrated humidity and temperature signals on one single bus

Technical Features

Sensor Type P14 SMD
Measuring Principle: Capacitive humidity sensor
Humidity Range: 0-100% relative humidity
Humidity Accuracy: less than ±3% rH from 15-85% rH at 23°C
Supply Voltage 5 VDC
Current Consumption less than 3 mA
Operating Temperature Range: -25 to +125°C
Temperature Accuracy: less than ±0.5°C from -25 to 85°C
Temperature Sensor: Pt1000Ω
Response Time: less than 5 sec at 23°C
Output Signal: 0x0...0x7FFF
Meets RoHS conformity: Yes


  • HVAC building & control
  • Appliances/white goods
  • Industrial applications