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HTS Series Harsh Media Pressure Sensor for 1 psi to 100 psi
Pressure Medium: Air/Gas, Harsh & Liquid Environments
Sensor Type: Gauge, Absolute
Supply Voltage: 5V
Output Signal: Voltage
Pressure Range: 3-300 psi
Kind: Board Level

The HTS1510 Series is a surface-mountable package with both digital and analog outputs available. Its backside pressure measurement provides excellent compatibility with wet, corrosive media. It is ideal for integration on a control board.


  • Various ranges from 1 psi to 100 psi (70 to 7000 mbar, 7 to 700 kPa)
  • Gauge or absolute configurations
  • High burst pressure of 5X full scale
  • Tape & reel packaging
  • Wide operating temperature range of -40°C to +150°C
  • Output includes both I2C and 0.5V to 4.5V

Typical Uses

  • Industrial automation
  • HVAC system monitoring
  • Automotive transmission fluid, fuel & oil systems, exhaust gas, and more
  • Medical diagnostics & analysis equipment