Mass Flow Sensors

Mass Flow Sensors

Servoflo is expanding its offering of mass flow sensors that are high-performance and economical to OEM customers. These sensors are high performing and better cost than alternative suppliers. 

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CAFS4000 Mass Flow Sensor

The CAFS4000 mass flow sensor is fabricated using a MEMS flow sensor chip. It is suitable for the measurement of clean and relatively dry gases for various purposes. The CAFS4000 has a range of 0-500 SLPM. Excellent sensitivity, high reliability, and high stability make the CAFS4000 an excellent mass flow sensor.

ESRF-ESF Board Level Restrictive MEMS Mass Flow Sensor for Gas

ES Systems has developed the ESRF-ESF, an inline mass flow sensor for gas, based on the hot-film anemometer principle. The ESRF-ESF is one of the few gas flow sensors featuring bi-directional gas flow sensing up to ±300 ln/min (about 322 SLPM) with a total error and of <1.25% RD. The sensor provides a calibrated and temperature-compensated output on an SPI or I2C bus or an analog output making them plug & play for direct interfacing to low voltage MCU's and systems. The user is provided with a multitude of interface and output options allowing for the right sensor configuration can be selected based on the specific requirements for each application.

FS4003/4008 Mass Flow Sensors

The FS4000 mass flow sensors are manufactured using Siargo's proprietary MEMS flow sensor and packaging technology. The products are designed for reliability with excellent performance in targeted applications. The sensors are housed in 3 mm and 8 mm pipes with maximum flow rate of 5 SLPM and 50 SLPM. 

FS4001 MEMS Mass Flow Sensor

The FS4001 mass flow sensors are manufactured using Siargo's proprietary MEMS flow sensor and packaging technology. The sensors are specially designed for low flow rates from 0-30 sccm up to 0-1000 sccm. With a high overpressure of 5 bar (73 psi), the FS4001 can be used in a wide range of applications including instrumentation (such as mass spectrometry), leak detection, process control, gas flow metrology and medical applications. The FS4001 requires a power supply of 8-18 VDC and provides an analog (0.5 to 4.5 VDC) and/or digital user interface (RS232). The calibration is generally performed with nitrogen at 20 °C and 101.325 kPa pressure rating. Calibration with other gases and conditions available upon request.

FS5001B MEMS Mass Flow Sensor for Manifold Mounting

The FS5001B mass flow sensors are manufactured using Siargo's proprietary MEMS flow sensor and packaging technology. The sensors are specially designed for low flow rates from 0-200 sccm up to 0-1000 sccm. With a high overpressure of 5 bar (73 psi), the FS5001B can be used in a wide range of applications including mass flow metering for process control, leak detection, HVAC, gas flow metrology and medical applications. The FS5001B requires a power supply of 8-24 VDC and provides an analog (0.5 to 4.5 VDC) and/or digital user interface (RS232) or I2C. Special calibrations available upon request.

FS6122 Bi-Directional Medical Respiratory Sensor

The FS6122 is a medical respiratory sensor to measure from -250 to +250 SLPM with a linear analog output or I2C output.  A gauge pressure sensor is integrated into the FS6122 with a range of -5 to +40 cc H2O with a linear analog or I2C output. 

FS7002 Mass Flow/Filter Clog Sensor

The FS7002 are mass flow sensors designed to detect filter clogging. The sensors are designed for open space air flow measurement for monitoring the airflow status behind any air filter. The air velocity passes through the sensor via a specially designed venturi channel to proivde the stability of the air flow for the measurement. The compact design of the sensor provides easy installation and minimal obstruction of the air pathway. Typical applications include but are not limited to filter clog sensing in an intelligent air filter in an LCD projector and other electronics products, ceiling filter fans modules, ventilation duct flow or fan motor status.

FS8001/FS8003 Small Mass Flow Sensor

The FS8001 mass flow sensors have a fast response time of 5 ms and are designed for filter clogging. The FS8001 is for 0-500 sccm and has a nonlinear analog voltage. The FS8003 is for 0-6 SLPM. 

AM1000 Series MEMS Environmental Meter

The AM1000 Series is designed for air velocity measurement in a closed conduit or open space, with optional temperature and humidity sensing data (AM1100 model). The sensing elements are made on a specially designed MEMs structure that enhances the measurement accuracy and response time while lowering the power consumption. The RS485 (Modbus) and Bluetooth LE options are ready for networking or remote communication. This format is ideal for residential HVAC or smart home applications.

FS1015 CL Mass Flow Sensors

The FS1015CL mass flow sensors are manufactured using proprietary MEMS flow sensor and packaging technology. The sensors are specially designed for medical equipment such as ventilators for flow monitoring and control. 2 flow rates are available, 0-100 SLPM and 0-150 SLPM. The compact package design enables a large dynamic flow range with a pressure drop of 1300 Pa (about 13 cm H2O). This package withstands a maximum pressure of 29 psi without compromising performance. 

PMF2000 Series Mass Flow Sensor

The PMF2000 Series of mass airflow sensors incorporate the latest MEMS and microelectronics innovations. The sensor die uses a pair of thermopiles to detect changes in temperature gradient caused by mass flow, delivering ultra-low noise-to-signal, and unsurpassed repeatability. The "solid-state" thermal isolation on the sensor die eliminates the need for surface cavities or fragile membranes, used in competing solutions, making the sensor resistant to clogging and pressure shock. The sensor's internal signal conditioning circuitry leverages an off-the-shelf microcontroller, providing proven reliability and low cost.

PMF4000 Series Mass Air Flow Sensor

The PMF4000 Series of mass air flow sensors covers the ranges from 50 SLM to 300 SLM. The sensors are full calibrated and compensated over the temperature range of 0°C to 50°C. The linearized analog output of 1-5V provides maximum flexibility and ease-of-use. Like other PMF mass flow sensors, the PMF4000 incorporates the latest MEMs and microelectronics innovations.

PMF6000 Series Mass Air Flow Sensor for Bypass Assemblies

The PMF6000 is developed specifically for use in bypass assemblies by customers wishing to design their own flow body and restrictor element. By utilizing the linearized factory calibration from Posifa, customers can create master calibration curves specific to their custom bypass design with minimal additional corrections in the production process. The PMF6000 comes with a standardized package for manifold mounting. The series includes the PMF6000V for a voltage output and PMF6000D for a digital I2C output. Two flow ranges are available: 0-1000 sccm and 0-6000 sccm.

PAV1000 Series Air Velocity Sensor

The PAV1000 was designed as an economical high-performance air velocity sensor for thermal management & HVAC systems. Unlike thermistor-based solutions, the Posifa MEMS sensor core is minimally affected by ambient temperature changes and provides instant real-time feedback on air velocity speeds. The PAV1000 features Posifa's third-generation thermal flow die, benefiting from the latest innovations in microfabrication.

PMF8300 Series Mass Air Flow Sensor for Medical Devices & Industrial Applications

The PMF8300 features Posifa's third generation flow die, benefiting from the latest innovations in microfabrication. The sensor die, with its silicon carbide protective film, is robust against water condensation while allowing the highest level of sensitivity and minimizing the cost of packaging. The PMF8300 Mass Air Flow Sensor is designed for flow rates from 0-15 SLPM up to 0-100 SLPM and provides both analog voltage and digital I2C outputs.

MF4000 Mass Flow Meter

The MF4000 Series Mass Flow Meters are designined for applications in gas flow within a flow channel diameter of 3 mm or 8 mm. Plastic finishing with an easy change of mechanical adaptors allows for applications with different connection thread requirements.

MF5600 MEMS Mass Flow Meter

The MF5600 mass flow meters are designed for general purpose yet precise industrial gas measurement, monitoring or control. The design is for applications where the display must be placed separately from the meter body or flow channel.

MF5700 MEMS Mass Flow Meter

The MF5700 mass flow meters come in 2 models. The MF5706 has a flow range of 0-10 SLPM or 0-25 SLPM. The MF5712 has a range of 0-200 SLPM. The MF5700 features cost effective ultra low power operating on 4 AA batteries. The portable design has excellent exchangeable mechanical adaptors, easy data accessible and user programmable capabilities. The internal data storage can also help for many industrial on-site applications. The meters can be customized for various general purpose flow applications. LCD output is included along with an optional RS485 output.

MFG Mass Flow Meters

The MFG Series mass flow meters are powered by battery and offer a wide dynamic range while mainiting the high sensitivity at low flows for gas monitoring and measurement. The meters have RS485 Modbus communication interface that is ready for remote data logging or networking. Storage designed in the control circuitry allows the user to program the records of the flow status  which can be transmitted via the network or downloaded with a handheld or personal computer.

MF5000 MEMS Mass Flow Meter

MF5000 series mass flow meters are specially designed for small pipe flow monitoring and feature an extremely low pressure loss compared to the traditional by-pass thermal mass flow meters in this application scope. The accuracy of the meters are generally ±(1.5+0.5FS)% or better depending on the requests. The meters can work at an environment of -20 to 60°C and pressure up to 1.5 MPa. Applications include semiconductor gas process monitoring and control, hospital oxygen gas monitoring, etc.

MF5100 MEMS Mass Flow Meter

The MF5100 is a state of the art MEMS mass flow sensor with limited gas automatic recognition capability and optional battery power operation. It provides a variety of output options with further customization available.

MF5200 Oxygen Mass Flow Meter

The MF5200 Series oxygen flow meters are designed specifically for oxygen metering systems in medical equipment. These meters are operated with the standard industrial user interfaces (RS485), and user-defined alarm functions for better monitoring or control over the network. The off-the-shelf products (MF5212 and MF5219) are for gas flow measurement of 0-300 SLPM and 0-800 SLPM respectively.