Mass Flow Meters

MF5600 MEMS Mass Flow Meter

The MF5600 mass flow meters are designed for general purpose yet precise industrial gas measurement, monitoring or control. The design is for applications where the display must be placed separately from the meter body or flow channel.

The meters are operated with Siargo's proprietary MEMs thermal mass flow sensors together with smart control electronics. The sensor probe surface has a silicon nitride ceramic material together with a water/oil-proof nano-coating for performance and reliability. The current models are ready to connect to 12 mm or 19 mm lines while other pipe diamters can be offered as customized models. The meter boy is made of stainless steel.


  • Integrated MEMs mass flow sensors
  • Large turndown ratio over 30:1
  • Excellent repeatability and accuracy
  • Low pressure loss
  • Various user interfaces for plug-and-play and remote communication (4-20 mA, RS485, pulse)
  • Detachable LCD display for offsite data processing
  • 12 mm diameter offers user-selectable flow ranges of 0-200 or 0-300 SLPM
  • 19 mm diameter offers user-selectable flow ranges of 0-600 or 0-800 SLPM