Mass Flow Sensors

PVC5100 pirani vaccuum transducer for up to 760,000 mTorr

The PVC5100 series is a fully-calibrated, temperature-compensated vacuum transducer designed for cost-effective OEM integration.

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It consists of a MEMS thermal conduction sensor (Pirani sensor), measuring electronics, and a microprocessor, packaged in an. ultra-compact PCB assembly, and is enclosed in a stainless steel housing with ISO-KF fittings. 

The electronics and microprocessor amplify and digitize the sensor signal, and provide a digital output via an I2C interface. Because the thermal conductivity of a vacuum varies with the ambient temperature, a temperature-compensation algorithm is implemented in the microprocessor, taking input from a built-in temperature sensor.

The PVC5100 includes a connector-terminated wire harness to facilitate integration and supports ISO-KF fittings.


  • Range: 0.1 mTorr to 760,000 mTorr (0.013 Pa to 101k Pa)
  • Accuracy: 15% of reading from 1 mTorr to 200,000 mTorr
  • Fast response time: 250 ms
  • Digital I2C
  • Low power consumption for battery-powered instruments
  • Temperature-compensated
  • Resistant to contamination
  • Overpressure of 27.5 bar


  • Leak detection in any closed-loop system maintained under primary vacuum pumps, such as vacuum-insulated panels
  • Digital vacuum gauges