Mass Flow Sensors

PVC6100 gauge vacuum pirani sensor

The PVC6100 series MEMS Pirani gauge for ATM to medium vacuum is the most economical high-performance Pirani gauge on the market. It offers
excellent accuracy, a wide range, long-term stability, and longevity, while minimizing the total cost of ownership.

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The sensing element of the PVC6100 is based on Posifa's proven second-generation thermal conductivity chip which is made with world-class
microfabrication processes that ensure precision and uniformity. The sensor chip measures thermal conductance in an embedded cavity with
integrated thermopile to achieve exceptional sensitivity and repeatability. Due to its low working temperature, it's much less susceptible to
contamination than filament-based Pirani gauges.

The PVC6100 features an interchangeable probe that incorporates the sensing element and the digital electronics and is individually calibrated.
In an environment where heavy contamination is unavoidable, simply replacing the probe is cost-effective and reduces system downtime.

The PVC6100 provides a 0 - 10V analog output through an FCC-68/RJ45 connector. The output voltages can be customized to emulate those
from other manufacturers' gauges, enabling "plug and play" replacement. Customers can realize cost savings and enhanced performance from the
PVC6100 without changing system software or connection hardware.



  • Range: 10-4 Torr to ATM (1.3 x 10-4 mbar to ATM)
  • Accurate & repeatible
  • Customizable output voltages for "plug and play" replacement
  • Resistant to contamination due to low working temperatures
  • Low-cost replaceable probe
  • Overpressure of 27.5 bar


  • Freeze dryers
  • Mass spectrometers
  • Distillation equipment
  • Cryogenic cylinders, tanks, and piping
  • Heat treat/vacuum furnaces
  • Load-lock vacuum systems