Siargo Mass Flow Sensors

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FS7002 Mass Flow/Filter Clog Sensor

The FS7002 are mass flow sensors designed to detect filter clogging. The sensors are designed for open space air flow measurement for monitoring the airflow status behind any air filter. The air velocity passes through the sensor via a specially designed venturi channel to proivde the stability of the air flow for the measurement. The compact design of the sensor provides easy installation and minimal obstruction of the air pathway. Typical applications include but are not limited to filter clog sensing in an intelligent air filter in an LCD projector and other electronics products, ceiling filter fans modules, ventilation duct flow or fan motor status.

The FS7002 requires a power supply of 5 VDC and provides an analog output of 0.5 to 2.9 VDC typical corresponding to the flow speed from 0 to full-scale.


  • 2 flow ranges from 0-5 m/s and 0-10 m/s
  • Typical response time of 20 ms
  • Non-linear analog output
  • Small form factor