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MPM281 OEM Pressure Sensor
Pressure Medium: Harsh & Liquid Environments
Sensor Type: Gauge, Absolute
Supply Voltage: 5V
Output Signal: Millivolt
Pressure Range: 3-300 psi, 300 psi & up

MPM281 is a highly stable OEM piezoresistive pressure sensor with precise compensation. It uses highly stable silicon die, with an outer diameter of 29mm 316L stainless steel housing.

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Wide temperature compensation and zero correction are calibrated by laser trimming techniques for this stainless steel pressure sensor.


  • Pressure range 0~30kPa...70MPa
  • Gauge, absolute, sealed gauge
  • Constant current power supply
  • Isolated construction, able to measure various media
  • 19mm standard OEM pressure sensor
  • Full stainless steel 316L
  • Wide temperature compensation -10C to 80C
  • Long-term stability 0.1% FS/year

Typical Uses

  • Industrial process control
  • Level measurement
  • Pressure checking meter
  • HVAC pressure measurement
  • Pressure calibrators
  • Gas & liquid pressure
  • Aviation & navigation inspection